Hamaichi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, which specializes in sea bream rice.

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Management philosophy

We will increase smiles around the world through food.
We provide rich, healthy and safe food.


Construction of a distribution route that rewards fishermen who risk their lives to land a catch
Spreading the culture of eating raw fish in Asia.
About usShoot Enterprise Co., Ltd.
CEOHonda Shuji(本多 秀次)
Operating shopHamaichi
Address1-20-5-105 Hamamatsucho, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Phone No03-3578-1232
Trademark registration

"旬彩 本濱"

Class 43

Trademark owner : 株式会社 シュートエンタープライズ

Application number : 商願2015-073822


Full-time / part-time

Cooking staff, hall staff, headquarters staff

Person in charge / Honda 03-3437-1474

[Independence support program (for those who have worked for 2 years or more)]

Selection of location, confirmation of contents (conditions) of lease contract

How to raise funds to open a store, establish a company, and choose a financial institution

Going independent is not the goal. Your life will change greatly depending on the strategy after that.

We will advise you to expand your business and assets with strong and sound management.

旬彩 濱壹 Hamaichi
Weekday : Lunch AM 11:00 ~ PM2:00 Dinner PM 6:00〜PM 10:00(Last order)
Saturday : PM5:00 ~ PM 10:00
* Weekdays, lunch and Saturday business is a complete reservation system.

Regular holiday : Sundays and public holidays
zip : 105-0013
1-20-5-1F, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone No : 03-3578-1232