Hamaichi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, which specializes in sea bream rice.

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About sea bream

Sea bream is a generic term for sea bream in a broad sense, and a red sea bream in a narrow sense. There are more than 200 kinds of fish named Tai in Japanese. Among them, I would like to introduce "Madai", which is also called "King of fish".

Ehime boasts the largest shipment of sea bream in Japan

More than half of the red sea bream distributed throughout Japan is shipped from Ehime Prefecture. Ehime Prefecture became the number one red sea bream (shipment volume) in Japan in 1990, and has maintained that position ever since. Red sea bream is designated as the “prefectural fish” of Ehime Prefecture. The owner of our shop is from Ehime Prefecture and has been in contact with a lot of sea bream, whether wild or farmed, since childhood.

The nutrition of sea bream is also "King"

Sea bream has little fat and is light and has no peculiarities. It has a unique aroma and flavor, and is delicious no matter how you cook it, such as sashimi, grilled or fried. Hamaichi's specialty, tai-meshi (sea bream rice), is cooked to bring out the flavor of the sea bream.

Red sea bream contains life-sustaining proteins

Sea bream meat contains a lot of protein. Protein is an important component for building muscles and organs. Moreover, it also produces enzymes and hormones that regulate the functions of the body, making it an indispensable nutritional ingredient for our bodies. It is also said to prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis by discharging excess salt in the body.

Sea bream also contains taurine.

Sea bream is rich in taurine, which lowers blood cholesterol levels and keeps blood pressure normal. Taurine has the effect of strengthening the heart function, and is said to be effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and liver disease. Since it improves the functions of the stomach and intestines, we hope that people with hangovers and weak stomachs will enjoy Hamaichi's "Tai-meshi".

DHA and EPA are not exclusive patents for bluefish only

When most people hear “DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)” and “EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)”, many people think of blue fish, but sea bream also contains a lot of these ingredients. increase. DHA is generally known to make you smarter, because it is said to promote the development and activation of the brain and to develop nerve tissue. EPA is said to be effective in promoting blood flow, preventing cerebral thrombosis, and preventing arteriosclerosis. Our restaurant's sea bream rice set meal also comes with boiled sea bream meat. Not only is it delicious, but it is also an effective source of DHA and EPA, so it is popular with people of all ages.

About Hamaichi's "Tai-meshi"

Hamaichi's "Tai-meshi" continues to evolve. The dashi is a blend of sea bream dashi, shibi dashi, and kombu dashi so as not to interfere with the aroma of the sea bream. Add the sea bream back (protein), belly (lipid), etc., in a well-balanced manner, and cook the sea bream at high heat all at once. Every day, we make improvements and always move forward so that we can prepare even more delicious sea bream rice for our customers. Please enjoy Hamaichi's "Tai-meshi" made by the owner who loves sea bream.